Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February has flown by and before I knew it I only had one more day to post in February. Kaycen is growing so fast and Brigs is becoming more and more protective. At first I thought I was crazy for having the two so close together, but they are becoming friends and making it all worth it.

Brigston is keeping us on our toes. Lately he has been telling us he wants to go to school. ( He has some friends that already go.) He will get his backpackout and fill it with lots of fun things. Kaycen is rolling over now and loves attention. He thinks it's funny when his older brother gets in trouble. Kaycen is also the soft hearted one in the family. If its too noisy or he gets startled the water works turn on........I love them both so much. My boys are my world and I am so greatful every day that God has blessed me with these two little handfuls.


Adam and Ashley said...

Cute Boys. I love Kaycen's big smile. Can't wait to see you again.

Robertsons said...

The are so stinking cute!! Miss you guys!! said...

Cuteteeee pieeeeeeeeeeeee Umahhh